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Dedicated to innovative design with a focus on performance, dependability, and safety, these are the core values of Valvan. Our mission is to be a versatile and reliable supplier of sorting and baling systems to the textile and recycling industries. We deliver solutions that are smart, durable and, above all, made to meet your exact needs.


Your expectations and needs are at the center of each project. A project engineer works with you to develop a plan of action and leads you through every phase of the project, from design to manufacturing to installation, start-up, and training.

Innovative solutions

Our goal is to ensure that your company stays future-proof. Our qualified engineers and technicians are dedicated to creating intelligent machines that prioritize production services, operator safety, and maintainability. By integrating visualization and external support systems, we can support our customers anywhere in the world.

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Services Baling Systems Adres Krommebeekstraat 14
8930 Menen
Telefoonnummer +32(0)56 521 380 E-mailadres Website


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